Paul Robeson sings in Town Hall

Subject: Paul Robeson

Source: BAC
Date: 1949

Collection: Wandsworth Heritage Service

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Newspaper article from the front page of South Western Star, Dated 20th May 1949.
The article reports a communist meeting, invited Paul Robeson at the "top of the bill", which brought the biggest crowd of the year to Battersea Town Hall.
The meeting was a "report back" from the Paris Congress of the Communist Party in 1949.
Also on the platform were MPs D. Pritt (Chairman); K Zilliacus; Joliot Curie (scientist); Professor Bernal, Bert Papworth and several local communist leaders.
The article describes what Robeson was wearing and what he sang, noting, "while Robeson-"Paul" to those on the platform- was singing there was not a sound.
The meeting resolution passed stated, "the desire of the British people for peace and refusal to allow the country to become a base for aggression".

“Paul Robeson sings in Town Hall,” Battersea Arts Centre Digital Archive, accessed July 18, 2019,

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