40 years ago tomorrow

Subject: The Jam

Source: BAC
Date: 27 Jun 1977

Collection: Contributions

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Tomorrow 40 years ago I was at this gig. I was due to meet Liam McKenty, a friend from school, at Kennington. He turned up, handed his ticket back to me and told me he wasn't going to see any more 'punk' bands with me. So, I quickly phoned home and asked my sister if she wanted to go. She did. And my Dad came to Kennington in his car with my sister, picked me up and dropped us off at Battersea. I'm glad I didn't miss this show as it was great (My 3rd time seeing the Jam). Never seen nor heard from Liam McKenty again.

Jun 26, 1977-Jun 26, 2017

martink58, “40 years ago tomorrow,” Battersea Arts Centre Digital Archive, accessed December 10, 2019, http://bacarchive.org.uk/items/show/5845.

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