Our Good Neighbours

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The Great and the Good is Battersea Arts Centre's celebration of radical people who have shaped our community over the last 120 years, from iconic figures to unsung heroes. 
The Great comes from The Great Hundred – 120 radical and exciting individuals who have played a memorable part in the story of our building and local area. This includes John Burns, the first working class man to enter the British Cabinet in 1892, and Kate Tempest, a spoken-word artist whose Battersea Arts Centre co-production Brand New Ancients toured extensively and won the Ted Hughes Poetry Award 2013.
The Good comes from Our Good Neighbours – 12 inspiring and selfless people who have, until now, been largely unrecognised for the change they have sparked within the local community. This project originated with a plaque dedicated to George Neighbour, a man from Battersea who lost his life rescuing others in the great fire at the Arding & Hobbs department store in 1909.
You’ll find all kinds of information about both iconic figures and unsung heroes within this exhibition on our Digital Archive, tagged with either ‘Great Hundred’ or ‘Good Neighbour’.
We want to hear from you!
This summer Battersea Arts Centre is gathering as many stories as possible about inspirational local people past and present – whether they are friends, family, neighbours, colleagues or legends from the past.
Nominations are being collected from June- September.
Ways to nominate your unsung heroes:
• Online | Submit your nominations by completing a nominations card (hyperlinked to Survey Monkey pop out form)
• In person | Fill out a nominations card and deposit it at either Battersea Arts Centre or Battersea Library
For further inspiration:
• Browse the collections on our digital archive
• Have a look through ‘The Great and The Good’ online exhibition
• Keep updated on our weekly progress via our Blog
• Visit the Wandsworth Heritage Service at Battersea Library to look through our physical archive and make nominations. Open every Friday 2-4pm (6th June- 22nd Aug).

For further information email ourgoodneighbours@bac.org.uk

'Our Good Neighbours' is part of 'The Great and the Good', Battersea Arts Centre's celebration of the people who have shaped our community over the last 120 years.