Shapurji Saklatvala

'Vote for Saklatvala' - General election, 1922.

Sharpurji Saklatvala was an MP representing Battersea North as a member of the Labour Party. This was however only from 1922-1923 after which he decided to move to the Communist party and was subsequently reelected to the commons from 1924-1929.

After moving to England from Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1905 Saklatvala settled in Manchester working for his Uncle's firm whilst training as a barrister. 

Although communist in values, at the time the Labour Party would endorse communist candidates wiith the title of Labour being an unbrella term for them. At the 1922 election he was one of two communist candidates to recieve official endorsement from the Labour Party.

Even after stopping to be an MP in 1929, Saklatvala continued to be heavily involved in politics up until his death aged 61 in 1936.