Grand Hall and Organ

Subject: Organ (Musical instrument)
Identifier: BAC/03/ORG/001/001

Source: BAC
Date: 1901

Collection: Organ

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In 1901 a large pipe organ was installed in the Grand Hall. This was an unusual instrument designed by Robert Hope-Jones, a pioneering organ builder who invented many aspects of the modern pipe organ. His ideas went on to form the basis of the Wurlitzer theatre organ in the 1920s and 30s. The BAC pipe organ has been unusable for years, but restoration work has begun. The dummy pipes that were used to add to the front pipes in the main cases to give a more impressive display at the top, plus the dummy pipes in the orchestral dept (in the wings) which have long since been lost, another is that the console seems to be in its 'pulled out' position which is not now possible, and lastly the fact that the case and pipes at the rear of the stage were not present at all then - this (and other research on site) shows strong evidence that this case with its pipes was not added until some alterations were made in 1903.

Grand hall interior architecture organ

“Grand Hall and Organ,” Battersea Arts Centre Digital Archive, accessed June 22, 2018,

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