In 1964, the 6th Form Dance Battersea was celebrated at the Town Hall.

One year later, the local governance of Battersea was transferred to the London Borough of Wandsworth. The building lost its role as the Town Hall in 1965 after Battersea Borough became part of Wandsworth Borough. The municipal building became partially unused, with the exception of the Grand and Lower Halls, which continued to hold dances, shows, music, bazaars, wedding receptions and an array of other community events. In 1967, Wandsworth Borough Council threatened to demolish the fa├žade of the Old Town Hall in order to facilitate plans for a library and recreation centre. A public campaign and the eventual intervention of the Housing Minister prevented this. At the recommendation of Housing Minister, Anthony Greenwood, who was advised by specialists that the building should be listed as one of special architecture and historic interest, asked the Council to reconsider their proposals, which they did providing that a use for the building was found.